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I'm a people, food, products, and travel photographer. I see beauty in many things and photography helps me share my vision.

About Creative Taurus

It all started with grandma

My grandma often enjoyed posing for the camera and we'd often take photos of each other when I was a child.

School and Work

I studied professional photography at NSCAD U. I work with people, to commemorate their special moments, and marketing agencies and their clients to create content for their social media, websites and ad campaigns. 

My vision

My goal as a photographer is not only to capture light but to also consider the emotion that light creates.

Looking back it all starts to make sense. As a child I never considered photography as a possible profession. Photography was always something I did for fun. Today I'm very grateful to have turned one of my passions into a career and I'm humbled by the many happy and returning clients and I'm honoured to have met a lot intelligent individuals that allowed me to taken part in many wonderful projects and to be inspired by their passion.

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